Globe Theatre Actors


The Superstars of the Globe theatre! The famous actors who brought the plays and their plots to life. Henry Condell, William Shakespeare, Richard Burbage and John Heminges!

What were their lives like? How much money did they make? How many plays did they perform in each month?  What did they do in the Winter months? How much rehearsal time did they have?

Globe Theatre Actors

Interesting information about the Globe Theatre Actors during the life and times of
William Shakespeare and Elizabethan London, England

The Life of a Globe Theatre Actors
The reputation of the early Elizabethan Actors was not good and any were viewed as no better than rogues and vagabonds - actors were not trusted. The standing of Elizabethan Actors improved when the purpose-built theatres were introduced and some of the Globe Thatre actors became the equivalent of today's superstars.

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The Biographies of Globe Theatre and major Elizabethan Actors
A biography detailing the lives of the following Globe Theatre and major Elizabethan Actors has been completed for each of the following actors:

The Skills of Globe Theatre Actors
William Shakespearean and the other Globe Theatre actors were expected to perform their own stunts. Their skills would include sword fighting skills and they had to be able to fall convincingly. The voices of the actors had to carry well. To ensure that the plot was being communicated to the audience the actors had to 'over-act', making exaggerated gestures with their arms and hands. Their skills also had to include a good memory - there was a fast turnover of plays and this skill was a great asset for an actor although not an essential one...

Rehearsals at the Globe Theatre Actors - 'cue acting' and 'cue scripting'
The Globe Theatre was known to produce “eleven performances of ten different plays” in just two weeks. It was essential to beat the competition for attracting vast audiences and this was achieved by an extremely rapid turnover of plays. Rehearsal time was therefore limited. On many occasions the Globe Theatre Actors only got their lines as the play was actually in progress. Parts were often only allocated on the day of the performance. Sometimes the actors didn't even get any lines. Working with a method called "cue acting " which meant that there was a person backstage who whispered the lines to the actor just before he was going to say them. This rapid turnover led to another technique called “ cue scripting ”, where where each actor was given only his own lines. The complete scene and content of the play was not explained to the actors until it was actually being performed. These techniques allowed for zero rehearsal time, thus enabling a fast turnover in terms of new productions at the Globe Theatre and a huge portfolio of different roles.

The Income of a Globe Theatre Actors
The salaries of actors varied according to their position in the theatre. The boy actors who took the female roles were paid the least of all actors. The Admiral’s Men paid boy players three shillings a week. The boys were apprenticed to adult actors and their wages were paid to their masters who gave them board and lodging and a small allowance in return. Part players were paid a daily wage of approximately one shilling per day. The main players were paid at least two shillings per day. However, many of the major Elizabethan Actors such as William Shakespeare became stake holders in the theatres, such as the Globe Theatre, and the profits made them very wealthy men.

List of Names of the leading Globe Theatre Actors
The leading actors who performed in the plays were listed in William Shakespeare's First Folio included the following:

Globe Theatre Actors

William Shakespeare
Richard Burbadge (Burbage)
John Hemings (Heminges)
Augustine Phillips
William Kempt (Will Kempe)
Thomas Poope (Pope)
George Bryan
Henry Condell
William Slye
Richard Cowly
John Lowine
Samuell Crosse
Alexander Cooke
Samuel Gilburne
Robert Armin
William Ostler
Nathan Field
John Underwood
Nicholas Tooley
William Ecclestone
Joseph Taylor
Robert Benfield
Robert Gouge
Richard Robinson
John Schanke
John Rice  

Globe Theatre Actors

Globe Theatre Actors
Interesting Facts and information about the Globe Theatre Actors. Additional details, facts and information about the Globe Theatre can be accessed via the Globe Theatre Sitemap.

Globe Theatre Actors

  • William Shakespeare, Richard Burbage, John Heminges, Will Kempe and Henry Condell

  • Lifestyle
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  • List of names of Globe Theatre actors
  • The salaries and the skills required

Globe Theatre Actors

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